Jun. 7th, 2011

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And, OMG, so slashy. I mean, okay, I have been an X-Men fan since childhood. I watched the 90s cartoon as it aired, tried to keep up with the comics when the cartoon ended (failed miserably because I'm bad at keeping track of comics), watched Evolution despite my misgivings about it (long story), and have seen every movie in theaters despite my annoyance with the first three. I have shipped Magneto and Professor X since I found the fandom at about age 14- about six years ago. I adore the both of them, though they are pretty far down on the list of my favorite characters.

And yet I have never wanted quite so desperately to read fic about them as I did after leaving the theater yesterday. Not, surprisingly, because they're young and hot (though, mmm, Magneto is hot)- I love them no matter their age- but because now I understand their love a lot better, and I'd like to see it explored. I'd especially like to see an AU where they stay together, work out the differences in philosophy to the point of an acceptable compromise, and, y'know, generally be So Very In Love forever, because, dear god, they are so adorable together.

cut for spoilers )

In summary- GO SEE IT!!! It's not perfect, but it's very good- even if you're not interested in The Great Love Story Of Charles And Erik, the plot is worth it and the characters are fascinating.
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