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But that would require me to not flit back and forth between several favorite fandoms long enough to finish one idea. Which is pretty unlikely when I keep finding new fandoms (well, not new so much as fandoms I wasn't in before because I hadn't read/watched what the fandom is for), but... blah.

Anyway, this is not a post about me having the attention span of a squirrel on crack. This is a post about Bleach.

You see, I've recently started reading the manga (after two or three years of swearing I'd get around to it eventually, because it's awesome and pretty much everyone I know who likes manga likes Bleach, including two of my best friends who have very brilliant taste in manga and have never steered me wrong). And so I have spent three days neck-deep in Bleach on, and I CAN'T PICK A FAVORITE CHARACTER. This is clearly a sign of a new Epic Fandom (for reference, my Epic Fandoms until now have all been more western stuff- Harry Potter, Supernatural, Stargate, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel The Series).

Of course, it helps that there's a new Bleach rant at fanficrants about once every other day, so I can go into the series with a good idea of whose fic is good to read and whose opinions I can trust for recs, and hopefully avoid badfic as much as possible. (I kind of love reading the Bleach rants, there's three or four people who seem to know each other fairly well on ffrants in Bleach fandom and there's always at least one interesting conversation about the series between them that makes me really want to read their fic because they seem like fun, smart people with good handles on characterization and good insights into the characters, which are always things I appreciate in any fan author and which tend to lead me to trust their opinions pretty highly and have much fondness for their fic.)

Also, as a random fact, I have a mad crush on Byakuya. And a bit of a crush on Ishida Uryuu, and a itty bitty crush on Chad. And that's just the characters I've actually gotten far enough to read bits with them in them- I'm betting Grimmjow, Kenpachi, Yumichika, and several others will also quickly work their way onto my long list of favorites. (Yumichika is really frickin' pretty, by the way. Of course.) [Yes, I have been looking up random pictures of people I see mentioned a lot in between long bouts of reading. It's fun.]
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