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Have you ever found something- a book series, a movie, a tv show- that you really liked, but apparently only a handful of people knew about? If you haven't... it is really, really frustrating, from a fandom perspective.

See, there are these books that I absolutely love, a six-book series that I'm pretty sure the author said he's basically done with, and they ended on a pseudo-cliffhanger, where most everything was resolved but there was the possibility of more. And I want to read fanfic for them. And the only fanfic I can find is an utterly craptastic thing I wrote and never should've posted, which is really sad.

These are the books in question. I read them in seventh grade, and spent AGES getting my own copies of them afterward- book six I couldn't find until a year or two ago- and I think they might be out of print, but I adore them. And I need fanfic and there is none, and it's killing me.

Blah, fandom, why so invisible? :-(

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I've spent most of the month running around getting presents, or being dragged off to help my mom get presents, or otherwise not relaxing. I like that my work schedule is no more than two or three days a week usually. I love it, in fact, and would love to keep working a similar schedule if kept on past the holiday season. It's a nice setup, really- two to four days working 11-6 usually, the rest of the week to relax. But, since the beginning of the month, none of my days off have been anything resembling "days off".

[whine] I wanna stay home, dangit!!!! I wanna sleep and be lazy and play video games all day and stay in my PJs and not leave the house.[/whine]

Ugh, I love the holidays, but I hate the chaos. And November and December practically flew by, too. I keep feeling like I must've lost days somewhere because there's no way it can be mere days away from Christmas already. Ugh, I want like... a week back or something, please. I still have presents to get, for crying out loud (just one, actually, but still...), and I don't have half as much time as I want.


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